Tuesday, January 27

Open Source is not free and we don't come cheap

Microsoft and collaboration suggests that Linux and opensource is afterall COSTLY.

In fact, over the years a branch of that open source Unix, called Linux, spread its market share (mainly at the cost of Unix) and Microsoft has grudgingly begun to acknowledge its power. But as some of the companies present at the Friday's Microsoft meeting--NDPL, Goderj, CDSL and Pacsoft Solutions--indicated that it is too much of a bother to have "eventually costly" open source and it was best to work with Microsoft. They listed how they faced difficulties working on Unix/Linux and losing their mails or getting them "after 22 days" and how their lives have been changed for the better by getting back to Microsoft products.

On the other hand they are opening up their source code under Microsoft's Government Security Program (GSP).

Microsoft and everybody else should understand the basic defination "FREE AS IN FREEDOM NOT IN PRICE". Did you get it dudes?.