Monday, March 1

Indian Techies Answer About 'Onshore Insourcing' | Slashdot

Roblimo makes this post:Indian Techies Answer About 'Onshore Insourcing' on Slashdot: A must read.

"This is an unusual Slashdot Interview, since instead of using email I asked all the questions in person last week either at LinuxAsia2004 or in casual meetings with local LUG members and other techies I met during the conference. Some of your questions[Ask Indian Techies About 'Onshore Insourcing'] were answered quite well by other Slashdot readers in the original post. (Slashdot has many readers both in and from India.) I also inserted a number of personal observations, which I usually don't do in these interviews, because it seemed to be the best way to answer some of the questions. And some questions were nearly unanswerable, as you'll see when you read the rest of this article."

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