Saturday, March 20

New Top Level Domain Names

There have not been any major additions to the domain names after the last launch of .info, .biz and some other domain names. There a suggestion from various organizations to include new domain names like ".mobi" for mobile services and ".xxx" for adult content.In May, the applications will be further reviewed by an independent panel. If approved, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) will negotiate specific terms and conditions with each domain registry operator
The other applications are: ".asia," ".cat," ".jobs," ".mail," ".post," ".tel" and ".travel." The ".tel" name was sought by two groups.

In 2000, seven new top-level domains were added, including ".biz," ".info," ".name" and ".pro," which were unsponsored, and ".aero," ".coop" and ".museum," which were sponsored.

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