Wednesday, March 17

Stop whining about outsourcing, David Shaffer Suggests

According to the article, written by David Shaffer, president of the Public Policy Institute, an Albany-based think tank,said that the "one-sided" blame game of blaming India and outsourcing should stop.
"A lot of our legislators are looking at the scary news stories about call centers in India. They think they see a way to shift the blame. So, one bill after another is being introduced in the legislature to "crack down" on companies that employ people in other countries," claims Shaffer, while adding that only two of the legislators -- Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver have not joined this bandwagon. "Nothing in this or any of the other proposals would create one single job in New York State. But more important, anybody with even a marginal understanding of New York's economy should know that we gain far more from international trade than we lose," Shaffer's article further goes on to add.

He concludes by saying ...
Fact is, we need to imitate India, not whine about it."