Thursday, April 1

Google Made Simple = Soople

Soople (Easy Expert Search) is a simple query interface to which has various hacks besides just generating answers to simple queries. Google can find definitions, calculate, work as yellow pages, suggest products, can search a specific domain or a university or can search particular type of document or topic. Accessing these features requires a particular syntaxed query, soople makes it easy for you , basically it provides pre-formatted search boxes for various options instead of typing a special syntaxed query.
Soople is an early English dialect, which means 'to soften, make supple'.

That's exactly what I envisioned for this site ; a site that softens all the fantastic (advanced) functions Google offers. Initially I made this site for my mother, who, though computer-savvy, still didn't know about all the possibilities Google offers. This site is therefore meant for all those who are not yet familiar with all the functions and required syntaxes. This way Soople enables an 'easy expert search'!

For instance, one can specify a search by one particuliar site or filetype ( word, excel, powerpoint and pdf) or an imagesearch by size and type.

Furthermore there are many useful tools Google offers; search in the latest news, look up definitions or use Google as a phonebook.

And last but not least, the Calculator. This amazing tool let's you do all kind of (very advanced) calculations. Soople has added the unit-converter, which is based on this calculator, for the conversion of all the commmon units/measures (meters<--->yards). Quite supple, if you ask me.

Of course, there are always many more supple ideas out there, so don't hesitate to mail us! Have a lot of Google-fun

Soople is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Google