Thursday, April 1

Pacenet's Cable on IP

Broadband provider Pacenet India is planning to launch its set top box Home Genie which uses royalty free open standard conditional access technology for an internet environment called Secura. Priced at Rs. 5000, it wil have a 40bps downstream pipe along with a 100mbps two way interactive pipe. It also has a peoplemeter built in to it. In this way Pacenet can work out promotional deals with broadcasters as they will have an exact idea of how much their channels are being watched. Unlike Reliance the company did not have to worry about laying fibre optic cables throughout the country thanks to the recent tie up with Ipstar. This is the worlds first two way satellite system and provides a two way IP link. This will allow Pacenet to reach any part of the country. But according to Pacenet they are aiming to provide Cable on IP and not Video on Demand like Reliance which offers everything (various data services) on the Ethernet. Pacenet further adds that Reliance project requires more maturity in the market. Let's see whos gonna rule the indian broadband world and when will have my connection.