Wednesday, May 12

American Jobs : A Movie On Outsourcing

Santa Monica-based television software producer Greg Spotts is working on his directorial debut, "American Jobs", that takes an "empathetic look" at the costs of outsourcing. made with a budget of $40,000, the film will be released first on DVD on US Labour Day, Sep 6, followed by a traditional theatrical release

 Filmmaker Greg Spotts during a recent Seattle visit. Photo by D. David Beckman on

David Beckman produces the detailed picture of Greg Spots venture in's artcile : Filmmaker Documents Effects of American Job Losses

While googling for Greg Spotts , I spotted the Poetry on outsourcing in ROBERT TRIGAUX's, (Times Business Columnist) column Short-term reality clashes with long-term economic theory on

: The Outsourcing Poetry :

Take this job and outsource it.

I ain't working here no more.

Yanked my job right from under me

And put it in Bangalore. . . .