Tuesday, May 4

Nasscom's Emphasis

Jerry Rao speaks out his agenda for the year as the newly appointed Chairman of Nasscom on CIOL.com
From quitting a high profile corporate job to start-up a software services and consultancy company, Mphasis, in the US and build it to one of India’s top 10 software services exporter, Jerry Rao has indeed come a long way. He was conferred the Ernst and Young `Entrepreneur of the Year’ Award in 2001 and has recently donned the role as the chairman of Nasscom. In an exclusive interview with Rahul Gupta of CyberMedia News, Rao shares his plans to establish India as a high quality, secure, reliable software powerhouse and center of best practices in the BPO. Published are some of the excerpts of the meeting

He answers about :

* Priorities and focus areas as the chairman of the Nasscom

* Underplaying the backlash as America's internal issue

* Nasscom’s contribution in building `India Inc’ brand & ability to sell it

* Nasscom’s role as a thought leader

* Nasscoms role for Indian hardware sector

* Risks in IT Contracts