Friday, April 16

P2P : The Trust Factor

Andy Oram in continuation to his article : "From P2P to Web Services: Identification and Addressing" writes another article on, this time focussing on the "TRUST" aspect of Social Netwoking and hence named as : From P2P to Web Services: Trust
In this detailed two page article Andy talks about :

* Trust

* P2P Solution

* State-of-the-art Specifications

* Security Basic

* Future Trends

* The Modest and the Grand Promise

So, to sum up, what do I see in the near future? We need to do something about addressing. We need an easy system that assigns each person a persistent address that is useful for all applications; ideally the system would be distributed and resistant to attack or capture. Current Web Services specifications work on the problem of trust without solving the problem of addressing--that is, the problem as I've stated it, the problem of finding someone several hours later

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