Monday, April 12

SIP : Session Initiation Protocol : 5 Myths

What is SIP ? :
SIP is a text-based protocol, similar to HTTP andn SMTP, for initiating interactive communication sessions between users.Such sessions include voice, video, chat, interactive games, and virtual reality. SIP was developed within the IETF MMUSIC (Multiparty Multimedia Session Control) working group, with work proceeding since September 1999 in the IETF SIP working group.

The Myths: According to Olle Westerberg, CEO of Ingate Systems a leader in next generation firewall technology
* Myth #1: I have to replace the entire network.

* Myth #2: I can SIP-enable my current enterprise firewall, can’t I?

* Myth #3: Traversing the firewall is impossible for SIP-based communications

* Myth #4: My network will never be secure if I use SIP.

* Myth #5: Configuring a SIP-capable firewall will be next to impossible.

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