Friday, April 9

Low Cost Open Source ERP Solution

CXOToday : Parle Tablet Tools Pvt. Ltd (Mumbai) has deployed ERPWEB, a unique Open Source, web-based low-cost ERP developed by ASIC Infotech Pvt Ltd. ERPWEB is an Open Source, customizable web-based ERP III, built with the aid of SoftRobot Codeless Technology, a zero code technology also innovated by ASIC.
Elaborating the benefits, Prajapati said, 'ERPWEB is an integrated database with a one time entry, offering considerable reduction in workload, with no client-side installation. In addition to being platform and device independent, all it needs is a browser to work. The option of Open Source gives us the right to even modify the source if needed. The multi-lingual solution is built-in with BPR and 6 Sigma, although we haven't yet implemented it.'

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