Friday, April 9

Rural Infrastucture & Services Commons (RISC)

Antanu Day writes : RISC, Deeshaa, and Rajesh Jain -- The story so far on an entrepreneurial institution, which aims to transform the rural Indian economy and contribute to India's economic development. He throws some light on Rural Infrastucture & Services Commons (RISC) which is an economic model & has the potential for achieving the multi-faceted goals of sustainable economic development through more efficient utilization of available resources.
I had been thinking about the problem of India's economic development for a long time. Even though my undergraduate work was in mechanical engineering, and my postgraduate work in computer sciences, I decided to study economics primarily because I wanted to understand how economic growth could be catalysed. Around 1998, I started converging to the idea that urbanization is both a cause and consequence of development. But rural India was huge. Massive rural to urban migration is not an option for India. So I started thinking of some way of "urbanizing" rural India in rural India itself. RISC was born.

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