Monday, April 12

Is Linux Safe and Secure ?

An article on Slashdot provides discussion on "is the closed code here being held to a higher standard than its open-source equivalent, and does this change the 'security through obscurity' argument?"

Comment # 1 (it's open source honey)
"Open Source is actually more secure than closed source proprietary software because the oversight of technology content is broader and deeper. Instead of just one company monitoring its own contributions — or potentially hiding security holes and exploits — a worldwide community of interested parties actually oversees Linux to make it strong and secure. That's why the NSA — the most security-conscious organization in the world — chose to standardize on Linux, and even supplies its own version of secure Linux."

Another Comment (It's on my PC and used by Military Too ???)
"Frankly, even as a faithful Linux user, I still have to agree with him. Our missile defense systems should not be running the same software as my home PC whether it is a commercial or open-source product."

Read more on Slashdot : Embedded RTOS Maker Raises Linux Security Issues....

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