Thursday, April 29

Made in India Mobile

Neha Kaushik & Gaurav Raghuvanshi write in Hindu about how the Mobile Manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung, LG, etc are wooing india with the Made in India or Made for India concepts. The mobile and the mobile phone features are becoming more 'desi'.
LARA Croft in Tomb Raider may not cut much ice with your cell-phone toting neighbourhood delivery boy even if his handset were to sport it. To the growing tribe of Indian mobile phone users, playing `Makhan Chor' on the mobile would make more sense.

Recognising the importance of going local to appeal to Indian consumers, multinational mobile manufacturers are going beyond the patriotic or Bollywood-centric ring tones and have started introducing special "made for India" features. These include local language menu and messaging, games that click with the masses and features to suit local conditions.