Saturday, April 17

Emergic Mailserv

On Emergic : CXOToday has put up a case study about FCB Ulka's deployment of our Linux-based messaging solution - Emergic MailServ- developed by Netcore

According to Kalpit Jain, CTO of Netcore, “The solution that runs only on Linux, has an anti-virus application, armed with a firewall, enhanced with load balancing features apart from bandwith management and monitoring. The mail server has been placed in the DMZ (DeMilitarized Zone)- a server zone, which is accessible to the public as well as to the private network. In other words, it separates the internal network from the outside world.”

Commenting about the inherent benefits, Madbhavi cited reliability, flexibility coupled with ease of administration and simplicity. “However,” acknowledged Madbhavi, “Netcore was able to execute a high degree of customization primarily because the solution was built on open source.”

“Emergic Mailserv has been built with a judicious mix of certain open source components alongwith internally developed software,” affirmed Jain.

Spelling the minimum technical requirements, Jain stated that for 25 users a P III with a 64 MB RAM with 20 GB hard disk is needed.

Founded in 1998, Netcore Solutions Pvt Ltd. is an enterprise solutions company, focused on messaging, collaboration, and security software offering a range of enterprise products and hosted services. Among its several corporate customers using this solution are IDBI Bank and Raymonds.