Friday, June 4

The New Indian Railway Budget : By Mr. Laloo ji Prasad Ji Yadav Ji

Via Email :

01. Re-introduce steam locos - to boost coal industry in bihar.

02. Dismantle the reservation system, all seats will be open to janata, no more reservations by upper cast and rich people.

03. A/c coaches will be abolished, a/c s will be auctioned in chhapra.

04. Shatabdi expresses to be renamed as RabriDevi express.

05. 10 new trains to be introduced from different parts of bihar to patna.

06. All double lines to be reduced to single track to cut costs - the rails, sleepers etc to be auctioned in muzaffarpore.

07. Samjhota express will run from patna to peshwar, however it will be converted to a goods train to carry fodder.

08. New maha bhoj - litti and sattu - to be served in all luxury trains - palace on wheels, deccan odyssey etc.

09. Re-zoning of railways: north bihar, south bihar, north eastern bihar, central bihar, east bihar, south bihar, res! T of india - these will be new zones.

10. Next of kin of all people who die in train accidents will be given a job in railways, no more rail board exam or wastage of public money.

11. Any driver who dies in a train accident will not be allowed to drive any more for public safety.

12. Every village in india will have a railway station by 2007 - constructions to start soon.

13. Free tickets for farmers.

14. De-electrification of major lines to save power. Local trains in mumbai kolkata chennai and delhi to run on steam too.

15. Special "gaai-bhains" express for transporting domestic animals, who have been neglected by the fundamentalist govt.

16. There will be no ticket checkers in train, that shows the new govt trusts the people.

Thank you / Lalloo Par sad Yadav