Wednesday, June 2's Special Report On Offshoring's presents a special report on Offshoring covered by Andy McCue, who travelled across India in April investigating offshoring efforts in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and New Delhi. Read his diary for a first-hand account of what he encountered.

* Inside offshoring: Managing the risks : From false CVs to nuclear war...

* India diary: Day four - First impressions of Bangalore : sample the local nightlife and end up in a Wild West-theme pub

* India diary: Day three - Meetings in Mumbai :The social impacts of offshoring and a visit to a telecoms BPO specialist

* India diary: Day two - Getting settled in Mumbai : Technical troubles crop up and I'm scouted to model for an advert

* India diary: Day one – London to Mumbai :After a long flight, I manage to avoid the taxi scams

* Inside offshoring: Job losses and the backlash :A real threat or just tabloid hysteria?