Monday, June 28

A victim raped twice : Morons for the protection of Human Rights of a Rapist:

My response to Amit's blog entry : Dhananjay's punishment got a Stay order . Mr. President is considering his mercy plea. But Why ?

Amit, I completely agree with you in some cases i think capital punishment must be there. If somebody kills another human, he/she by default looses the right to live. And all those preachers of human rights, can they take the responsibility to change that person, or commit that the same person will not do the same crime again.

Everybody comes up with Solutions in India, but all of them have not understood the problem right.

The people who cannot get the work done from their local municipality , hue and cry about the human rights, It makes me bang my head on the wall.

First think about the human right about the child labour working in your house, that minor girl who is available in Rs.150 in the read light area of your city. And most importantly think about the human rights of that victim who got raped and about the human rights of the family who has suffered a lost.

Please use "Reference to Context", for god sakes don't debate about the f***** human rights of a rapist. Don't talk about this bullshit of humans and civilization. Do you think carrying mobiles , flying spaceships, and connecting on the internet makes us civilized. Animals are the first class species on this earth who beautify this planet, humans are the worst thing on the planet. If you don't believe me, just close your eyes and see this planet without humans, i will call that vision as a very ideal and good dream.

Dudes.... open your eyes and see others and yourself how human we are and how civilized we are. For Human rights must apply to humans, and they do not exist in ideal form anywhere on this planet. As science says "Survival of the fittest", the people who are not fit in terms of capabilities in harming others, need a protection of capital punishment.