Friday, July 2

Where is Sanchar Kranti : Avinash Murkute

Avinash Murkute , a Nagpur (India) based freelance columnist writes about Bribe Dependant Phones & Bribe Sanchar Nigam Limited's dadagiri and monopoly.
Where is Sanchar Kranti: Revolution (Kranti) is always universal. If things happening at New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkatta, Mumbai should be termed as revolution then there is serious flaw in the way of thinking. It is sure cheating with the rural India. If we are talking about GDP and neglecting rural then we are committing crimes. It dials digital divide. Rural – Urban differentiation is like putting the clock back. Governmental schemes are implemented on paper only. Take example of Internet Dhabas.

In Internet Dhaba beneficiary was allotted waiting free, deposit free, rent free, Internet access free telephone connection. Such Dhabas (Kiosks) were supposed to be set at every Taluka level. The Principal General Managers who played God by taking credit of implementing this scheme was in facto demon. They allotted such phones on bribes. So in the age of Internet Nirvana rural India is Internet free and eventually virus free also. It is good to have virus in computer system than to have virus in minds like BSNL infected with bribe virus.

This challenging, feeble, depraved rural India needs Telecom God. They wish to throw up an inferior service provider like BSNL. A true Indian will always disdain “Hindustan-ke-Gaddar” in BSNL. Rural even doesn’t wish to worship false telecom god and false telecom ministers. They need a deluxe telecom god who can provide them bribe free basic telephony at par with rest of the world and punish bribe licensee. It’s so simple GDP is inversely proportional to bribe? Sure we are talking about GDP only and illegal telephone(s) are still working, smiling at TRAI.

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