Monday, August 16

Vinod Dham's Compensation Theory

Vinod Dham who is called father of the Intel Pentium Chip , in one of his interview in Discovery Channels Documentary provided the explaination on - Why (typically) Indians are so successful in Silicon Valley ? I have named his theory as the "Compensation Theory".

The Compensation Theory : India is a country with huge population here everybody is accustomed to 'compensate' the mistakes of others to make a living or to be successful. For example, on the road one has to compensate for others criss-crossing the lane for himself to be a safe driver. This compensating nature comes very handy in startups, in a startup lots of things can go wild and cannot happen in a 'systematic way' or in a 'certian fashion'. Indians have proved themselves to be effecient in tolerating the mistakes and compensating them by right actions at right times. People from other culture may not accomodate mistakes so easily and are not ready to compensate for others. This is why Indian's are so successfull in the valley.

(Not word to word )