Wednesday, September 15

Cisco launches leasing arm in India -

Cisco has announced that it is launching - Cisco Capital a leasing arm that would lease network equipments to the customers and provide fininacing options. Cisco dominates the network equipment market but recently India is becoming that target of new vendors from Europe & Asia (China) who are offering equipments and services at a very competitive prices. There are several big network rollout planned in the country for broadband implementation by ISPs & Telecom companies, the broadband penetration being very low in the country provides great gap and hence great opportunities in the coming year since many ISPs & Telecom company are either planning it or looking for a vendors. Cisco wants to attract these customers . Cisco being the pioneer has less issues with compatibility and scalibity of the network but customers are taken aback by the cost and now Cisco is trying to answers these issues.
Sify :
'The new entity will serve as an added incentive for customers by helping them lease equipment such as routers, switches and related services,' Salgame told a press conference on Tuesday. However, he refused to divulge details on Cisco Capital's tie-ups with financial institutions and the quantum of capital it had committed to the Indian market. "