Monday, September 13

Wi-Fi in Rural India

Wi-Fi Planet has an article on the implementation of Wi-Fi in Rural India
Just weeks after the Indian government gave the go-ahead to Wi-Fi, 802.11 chipsets from Atheros Communications (Quote, Chart) are powering a high-speed outdoor wireless broadband suite in the country.

"We're proud that our technology is helping to power a system that brings wireless connectivity to remote communities in India and elsewhere," said Colin Macnab, vice president of marketing and business development for Atheros.

Atheros is just one of the vendors that pushed India to open that country's door to 802.11. Until recently, the government there restricted Wi-Fi to 802.11b and then to only indoor installations, according to Praveen Singh, Atheros' country sales manager.

On August 25, the Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing of India's Department of Telecommunications de-licensed and opened up the 2.40-2.48 GHz band, permitting 802.11g to be used for certain applications.

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