Tuesday, September 7

The VoIP is for Real & it's big

OM Mallik has a story on his Corante / VoIP blog about Daily Camera's report on the state of VoIP, and who are the real players in the business.
Will Stofega, a senior analyst on VoIP services for IDC, another research firm, says the companies that provide hosting VoIP services, such as Qwest, SBC or those that resell Level 3's network, will log $222 million in sales next year and $880 million in 2006. By 2008, IDC sees that market exploding to $7 billion.

One thing that's prompting some businesses to make the shift, says Elizabeth Herrell, an analyst with Forrester Research, is that they're already looking to replace an aging phone system. Companies that aren't in that position, though, likely won't entertain the thought of VoIP until a major upgrade or repair unfolds.