Saturday, September 4

The Telecom Equipment Scam : Norvergence

Via Techdirt :
Broadband Reports point us to a Forbes story concerning the huge telecom equipment scam operation called Norvergence. The company was apparently selling $2,000 router/firewall boxes (that were available for $300 on eBay) by calling it "The Matrix: a merged access transport intelligent exchange." They then targeted small, non-tech-savvy businesses with fast talking salespeople promising "unlimited broadband, landline and cell phone service with no per-minute charges." Even better, they weren't actually selling them, but "leasing" them at $300/month for a minimum five year lease. Then, to make matters even more ridiculous Norvergence sold those leases to leasing and banking companies. Norvergence got all the cash ($143 million in 2003) and ran, while everyone else got screwed. Meanwhile, the founders of Norvergence have already bankrupted another telecom startup, leaving creditors in the hole by nearly $70 million, and are already hard at work on yet another telecom startup. Why not? It seems to pay so well. Is there any possible reason these guys haven't been arrested yet?