Saturday, September 4

MYVoice- Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

V3 Global announces - MYVoice- Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) device, which allows user to dial any number in the world using only the Internet as their telephone connection. It is scheduled to be available in the markets in late 2004.
"Our box is the only box, that I know of, which is compatible to all Internet connections, not just from your cable/DSL high speed connection; but also from your dial-up connection as well. It's called a box but its dimensions are also user friendly, approximately the size of a small clamshell cell phone. It's fantastic for us because we avoid toll free charges, In-network calling is free for us anyway so let's pass that along to the customers. We plan on capturing customers for at least a year or two, depending on the contract they sign. It's basically guaranteed money, we plan on running a high customer retention rate with superior products and service," said Sameer Mohan, president and CEO of V3- Global.

Mohan added, "Advantages include, In-network calling is free. $25 unlimited domestic calling. Local phone numbers attached to each box. If the box is anywhere in the world only the local number has to be dialed to reach it, as long as it's connected to an Internet connection. Highly discounted international rates. It's our niche, it's what we know - specifically for the South Koreans, Indians, and Japanese. Additional benefits include the ability for a customer to see their call detail record, real time and on-line. It's compatible with Wi-Fi, so if you're sitting at Starbucks and they are a Wi-Fi hotspot your box will work."