Tuesday, August 31

Caller ID Falsification Service by Star38.com

Anonymity Begins

Register.co.uk reports about this yet to be launched Interesting(?) service by Star38.com which will allows licensed private investigators and bill collection agents to spoof a number and call you. You wont be able to realize who is calling you and may pick up the phone innocently and become the prey to this tactics. The article also provides the two expert's view on the legal possibility of this service.
SecurityFocus took the site for a test drive, and found it worked as advertised. The user fills out a simple Web form with his phone number, the number he wants to call, and the number he wants to appear to be calling from. Within two seconds, the system rings back, and patches the user through to the destination. The recipient sees only the spoofed number displayed on Caller ID. Any number works, from nonsense phone numbers like "123 4567" to the number for the White House switchboard.

Jepson says the backend system doesn't rely on the most common methods of Caller ID spoofing - PRI lines and VoIP - but otherwise declined to comment on how it operates, for fear that competitors will launch copycat sites.