Friday, August 20

Allocation on 1900MHz spectrum will follow International Norms

The Cellular Operators like Bharti, Hutch, Idea and BPLhad approached the department of telecommunications (DoT) for allocation of frequency in the 1900 Mhz, required to implement 3G mobile services. Goverment responded that they would follow international norms in the allocation of the 1900 Mhz spectrum to the mobile service providers.

The International Telecommunication Union has specified a standard norm, called “IMT-2000 technology family” to deliver third-generation (3G ) services. It identified a “core band” of 1920-1980 Mhz paired with 2110-2170 Mhz for terrestrial 3G services. Most probably what we are talking here is about W-CDMA not be confused with the CDMA offered by Reliance Infocomm & Tata Indicom :
W-CDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access), a wideband spread-spectrum 3G mobile telecommuncation air interface that utilizes code division multiple access (or CDMA the general multiplexing scheme, not to be confused with CDMA the standard), is a 3G mobile communications standard allied with the GSM standard. W-CDMA is the technology behind UMTS (aka 3GSM). Networks using W-CDMA are a form of cellular network.

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