Monday, August 16

Infothela : IT On Wheels

The current PC penetration in India is very low about 0.2 percent , I am not sure. Whatever GDP growth rate we might achieve still it would be inaccessible to many due to priority, affordibility & accessibility issue. In country where the constant Electric Supply is availble to the fortunate fews of the urban landscape how can the mass rural population of India access the PC & the internet. But smart dudes of IIT have got the answer ; the answer is Infothela :

What is Infothela : (From Smartmobs)
Infothela is a mobile internet kiosk on a tricycle meant for providing and exchanging information through fax, internet, and telephony to people in rural India.It's specifications are "a mobile platform located on a re-engineered tri-cycle rickshaw with a 1711 colour display and a CPU, powered by a 12V, 135 AH battery through an inverter. The battery and the inverter are mounted below the platform. The battery is charged overnight in a nearby town through an electric point and charging is also supplemented by an inbuilt pedal power generator.It is connected to internet through 802.11 p-t-p link by a small wireless antenna on the top of the Infothela roof."It is a project of the Media Lab Asia Kanpur-Lucknow lab.

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