Tuesday, August 17

IIT Delhi : the first in protocol testing

Voice & Data reports that The Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT Delhi) has decided to deploy protocol-testing capabilities using Canada-based Sangoma Technologies WAN EduKit protocol simulating and testing kit which can run on a single PC.

The Sangoma WAN EduKit? is a self-contained Wide Area Network and is used to bring to life the inner workings of selected WAN protocols such as ATM, Frame Relay, and X.25. This product is a natural accompaniment to enhance the theoretical concepts commonly taught in data communication courses and will allow the student to gain practical insight into the details of the protocol at hand.

Sample laboratories accompany the WAN EduKit so as to facilitate rapid integration of this tool into the traditional curricula. The WAN EduKit consists of a single PCI adapter (dual-CPU), a loop-back cable and software. Each CPU emulates one side of the network, resulting in a completely self-contained WAN without having to access commercial data lines.

The EduKit software presents as an easy-to-use graphical interface that is compatible with both the Windows and Linux operating systems. This software allows the student to exercise the protocol while at the same time monitoring data transfer using an extensive array of debugging tools and line traces.

The WAN EduKit is available to certified educational institutions and includes all required hardware, software and sample laboratories for ATM, Frame Relay and X.25. - From Sangoma Web Site