Thursday, August 26

Expectation from Mobile data services revenue

According to Gartner as reported by Business Standard Cellular data services Revenue in India will account 20.5% of the total cellular revenue by 2008 and i.e around 71,800 Crore INR from total revenue of 14,760 Crore INR. Gartner also expects compound annual growth rate of 28.3 per cent during the next five years in Cellular Service in India.
Kobita Desai, principal analyst, telecom, Gartner India, said: “Indian cellular operators are realising that voice-only services are not generating adequate revenues and are exploring ways to offer more value-added services to increase the ARPU. EDGE networks will pave the way for UMTS deployments, supporting both data and voice streaming with great efficiency by optimal use of spectrum. E-mail is the driving application for most mobile workers and as it becomes more pervasive, e-mail is also becoming more comprehensive.”