Saturday, October 9

VQube : Indian VoIP Startup

Esqube is a Indian startup founded by the facultes of the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore who carry over eight decades of experience and fundamental knowledge in the field of DSP and Telecommunication. Thre first product is VoIP software ::..V Q u b e - V O I C E L I N E C O M M U N I C A T I O N M A D E E A S Y (a Skype like stuff). VQube is available for download at It has been reviewed by 13 users till now and all have given their thumbs up to VQube.

Vqube has some useful features & advantages like - ability to work behind NAT & Firewalls, High Quality Voice with Very Low Bit Rates, Instant Messaging with VQube Chat, etc.

Some features to look for as per the VQubes sites are - Call Conferencing with P2P technology, Answering Machine Facility, Friend's List, PBX Functionalities (Call Forward, Call Transfer),File Transfer , Call Recording, Integration to Outlook. In latest Business.