Wednesday, October 6

Entrepreneurs Getting Their Groove Back

Om Malik writes how entrepreneurs are getting their groove back by citing the example of Grouper & others:

One great thing about the current spate of digital disruptions is that entrepreneurs are finally getting their groove back. I just read that Pyra Labs founder Evan Williams is off to do another start-up. Nick Denton has reinvented himself as Gawker founder. Yesterday as luck would have it I got to chat with Josh Felser who in past life had co-founded early streaming music company Spinner like all companies Of a certain era were bought by sucker number one America Online for $320 million.

Felser has a new company called Grouper. He got the idea about a year ago when he had come back from a trip to burning man. He found he could not share the photos and videos with his friends and family. So what did he do -- he roped in his former partner and teamed up with two former Microserfs and ex-AOLer and started Grouper. “I was lucky to find a problem which is faced by others as well,” says Felser.