Tuesday, November 2

Digital Camera Comparison By Output / Samples

Camera Database and Museum at PBase.com : From last few months I am thinking of buying something for me a good music system / digital camera . But I have a very noisy brain, I start comparing things, features and prices and when I mixup all these things I land up with a professional system config ranging in thousands and lakhs and end up with not buying anything.

Just today in the morning I made up my mood to look for a entry level digitial camera and start doing something and laded here at Pbase.com Camera List.

if the database is correct, then it is really helpful to see the output or sample image from the camera that you are thinking of buying. For example, youc an actually see how a camera works in outdoor and indoors, potraits, landscapes, macros, etc. This web site almost covers all the digitial camera models from practically all the digital camera vendors.

But again, I am confused between Nikon 3200, Nikon 4100 / Nikon 4500 and Canon Powershot series A75, A85 etc. The sample outputs are round about similar but more you read more you get confused. I dont know which camera I will end up buying or not buying....