Wednesday, November 10

US startup's product to cut costs

Business World reports:

Azul Systems, a US-based startup, has announced the launch of a chip-based network attached processor. It is an appliance which is connected to the network and attempts to reduce the number of servers an enterprise deploys to run a variety of applications.

While the company has not yet decided on the price of the boxes, it expects clients using the devices to reap an overall 10:1 cost benefit, that is taking into account the operation and maintenance saving to be made by not having to run all those servers.

The appliances, which physically look like a couple of stacks or panels, are in the nature of super computers which have shrunk in size as a result of the strides taken by processors. But these processors are designed for running enterprise applications and do not undertake any scientific work.

It is a two-year old company which has so far received three rounds of funding and employs 150 people. No further financial information is available. At least 20 customers have shown interest and the boxes will undergo field trials at some of these Fortune 200 customers without any commitment of revenue.