Friday, July 4

Greatest Disovery Of the century, still 97 years are left for this century, but I am showing my extra respect for CIA & Pakistan & Bush & Lashkar & Qaeda

CIA NOW blows a whistle that - terrorist group al-Qaeda was working with former scientists of Pakistan's nuclear establishment to produce crude weapons of mass destruction, the CIA has said in a new report. USA recenlty has bombed Iraq on the suspicion of WMD, what they are going to do on the confirmation of WMD only Mr. Funny Bush can tell.On the other hand US implicitly backed Lashkar : Cohen, a lawyer for defendant Randall Todd Royer, told US District Judge Leonie Brinkema that the US government has essentially supported Pakistan and its intelligence agency in its dispute with India over the Kashmir territory, despite an official position of neutrality.Cohen further stated that the Pakistani intelligence agency has supported Lashkar-e-Taiba, and that he will be demanding classified reports from the US government to support his contention.The friendly nation Pakistan and it's over friendly innocent agency ISI backing Lashkar for global strikes : Pakistan has been extending covert support to the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) to carry out subversive activities globally after Taliban and its militant outfit al-Qaeda fell to the US-led War against Terror, according to a Indian home ministry report. Mr. Bush is no doubt very intelligent person to support Pakistan & reward them with billion dollars ( for wrong reasons) because after the onset of War against Terror by the US-led forces, the ISI and the Pakistani regime made a complete U-turn against Taliban and attempted to create an image that it was against the use of its soil by terrorists and Mr. Bush and supower US completely overlooked & ignored it.The result is that Mr. Musharraf can now proudly says Nuclear programme is our strength and Foreign Minister Khurshid M. Kasuri says No US pressure to freeze Pak nukes and ofcouse there can be no compromise on Kashmir.
Thanks Mr. Bush.