Monday, August 25

Mumbai Bomb Blast

We could have never imagine that would give these links on their page for Mumbai. Unfortunate but true...Mumbai, the dream city is on the headlines of media all around the world for a reason which is very heartbreaking. Mumbai is the city of hope, dreams, fast pace, and life ...lots of life.. the city never body can stop mumbai...but mumbai is broken...into pieces...after 1993 and recent was carrying a scar and once again its wounded again...the city will live.. it can never die.. but for some would the same also ..between the bomb blast...some of us ...are happy to go home early...have a cutting tea and vada pav ..near the crowded stalls at stations...people were more shocked by 9/11...but we as a indian or as a mumbgaikar ... have accepted the terrorism... as far is nobody from our family is is somebody elses loss...i am ashamed...the city is killed...and the life goes it our victory ... is it our tolerance... what is it? may be mumbadevi and gateway of india are not as glamorous as twin towers...

death is photogenic...

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