Saturday, September 27


Do not call is a mobile and telephone spam prevention list, if somebody call on the numbers in the list is penalized heavily.
Call centres forced to close : "US ‘DO-NOT-CALL’ lists—which include names of Americans who don’t want to receive telemarketing calls—have put many Indian call centres in a spot, forcing some to shut down."
Court Rules Against USA Do-Not-Call Registry | on NewsDay : : But Bob Corn-Revere, an attorney for the American Teleservices Association, a trade group, hailed the ruling as "a good start." Corn-Revere said that consumers already have the right to tell telemarketers not to call them, and that a federal database is unnecessary. "We don't object to people saying 'don't call me,'" Corn-Revere said. "We object to the big federal database."