Monday, September 29

India BioTech Blast

Biotech Industry Set To Grow By 30% In 2003-04: Study:

"The BioSpectrum-ABLE study carries details of over 200 of the country’s most promising companies and lists India’s top 50 biotech companies turnover-wise. The 10 leading biotech companies in terms of turnover are Biocon India, Bangalore (Rs 255 crore), Panacea Biotec, Delhi (Rs 169.88 crore), Wipro HealthScience, Bangalore (Rs 98.55 crore), Wockhardt (Rs 74 crore), Haffkine Bio-Pharmaceutical(Rs 72.90 crore), Eli Lilly (Rs 71.31 crore), Nicholas Piramal (Rs 70.64 crore), Krebs Biochem (Rs 64.16 crore), Bharat Serums (Rs 58 crore) and Indian Immunologicals (Rs 55.31 crore). ".....