Monday, September 29

Cyber coolies ?

In Sunday Times of India you will land up on a debate regarding call centers and cyber coolies, people who have lost their identity, working at odd timings for a firang company and living a shaky life. Some professor from Delhi University points all the black in such lifestyle and critisizes it heavily. What I can understand from all this is that....

(1) We would not care what opportunities we are providing.

(2) But if somebody starts earning from whatever he has from an opportunity offered from outside, he is called a 'slave' a 'cyber coolie'.

(3) Do we know that ? The entire IT revolution is result of the 'Brain Drain' & excellent performance of 'code coolism' during Y2K slavery period.

(4) Mind you nobody in this world cares about India as a nation (not even the indians who show that 'they care'), the entire progress and revolution is happening due to 'few indians' who give positive image of India to rest of the India and the world.

(5) You cannot just become IT super power without stepping on the first step, that you call 'coolism'. Once we become fully qualified coolies then only we can move up the value chain to become lords of the IT ring.

(6) Can you all critics shut your mouth and give some positivity and energy to the Indian youth. Even porn stars from foreign land provide more energy and motivation than Indian politicians, so called gurus, intellectuals and popular faces.

    Aren't Indians mostly involved in code writing and are often referred to as 'cyber-coolies'?

    I object to the word cyber-coolie. While it may describe the job, the word coolie has a negative connotation. I want to remind you that for 50 years since the independence, our politicians, intellectuals and scientists did not get us the kind of "respect" in the world what these "cyber-coolies" have got us in a few years time. We need to acknowledge them and their work for making us feel proud to be an Indian.
    Arjun Mehrotra chairman of Techspan in India Today