Wednesday, October 8

BPO moving up the value chain

BPO companies are trying hard to move up the value chain.Evalueserve is one of them and it is doing this by providing value added services like patent writing, market research and multilingual services. The kind of possibilities they are handling are :-
* Evaluating the commercial prospects of inventions in Russia and China. Evalueserve’s client, which specialises in extraction of intellectual property from Russia and China, was hired by the U.S. Commerce Department to analyse such inventions with the objective of keeping such technology out of the “wrong” hands.
* Research for a hedge fund’s database, tracking financial statements of 2,300 companies. This is soon expected to grow to 6,000 companies.
* Research and analysis of value-chain segments and industry developments for a market research firm specialising in information technology and telecommunications.
* Market forecast studies for an OTC drug worldwide for a research firm.
[ Source : Business Standard ]