Monday, March 22

WiMax : Growth or Hype

The 802.16 standard, otherwise known as Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMax), has been getting much hype over the past year as being the next biggest technology since Wi-Fi. Some analysts believe that WiMax poses a threat to the large mobile phone companies, most of which have already invested billions in other technologies to deliver voice and data over the airwaves (WiMax can cover a distance of 50 kilometers, ten times more than a 3G base station); e.g. EV-DO, a next-generation wireless network that delivers broadband service based on a technology called CDMA. The other side of the story can be found at Alarmist WiMax Predictions [WiFiNetNews | Fleishman's Blog]
For WiMax to pose a threat to any other wireless technology, it will need a major operator to commit to building an extensive network. That hasn’t happened. Also, WiMax wouldn’t pose a significant threat to 3G or Wi-Fi until the mobile version of the standard is complete. Once it’s complete, vendors have to make equipment and that gear must be certified, then an operator must build a network. That process will take many years.

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