Saturday, June 5

Multiply Integrates Group Publishing Tools With Social Networking

Via PRNewsWire :
Multiply ( has integrated group publishing tools with its proprietary messaging application powered by social networks. The site now allows any group or organization to maintain an on-line presence for sharing information and staying in better touch with its members. A group can instantly create its own web page where members are automatically alerted every time something new is published. Some or all of the information published by a group can also be made available to non-members, allowing the group to use Multiply as its public web site.

"Multiply's groups combine Yahoo Groups-type functionality with group features typical of social networking sites such as Google's Orkut," says Michael Gersh, Multiply's co-founder. "While other social networking sites use groups primarily as a means to link people together, Multiply provides groups with a destination to share photo albums, a calendar and a blog, with messaging tools that truly maximize the benefits of social networking."

About Multiply :
Multiply is a new kind of communication tool that opens up a unique and exciting way to keep in touch with the people you know, and find information through friends of friends.

Imagine if each of your friends, family members and co-workers had their own web page and regularly posted what's new in their lives - including their latest photos, stories, opinions on movies and restaurants, events, travel itinerary and more. Now imagine if you were alerted every time someone you knew posted something - so you could constantly see and discuss what's new in your friends' lives. Sounds like a pretty easy and fun way to stay in touch with your friends and family, right?

Now imagine if you could send a message that reaches all of your friends, family, co-workers - and all of their friends too. Anytime you needed a recommendation, advice or information, chances are you know someone who knows someone... who has the information you're looking for. And now you can find that person with one click of the mouse!

Now stop imagining because this simple new way to keep in touch, and fast new way to find information are exactly what Multiply is about.