Friday, June 11

Towards Cost Effective Internet in India : GIPI's recommendations

From CIOL :
Global Internet Policy Initiative (GIPI ) executive director, George Sadowsky has called upon India to make Internet access affordable for the common man and improve the quality of service, if it wants to increase Internet penetration in the country. Sadowsky was speaking at a seminar on global Internet policy organized recently in Delhi.

GIPI has submitted its set of suggestions to the Government of India. The suggestions include setting up of Internet Exchange to route domestic traffic within the country. "Government can promote the use of Internet by saving international bandwidth and lowering of tariff for calls made to access Internet. Wireless Internet is one thing, which has picked up in rest of the world and it should be properly encouraged in India too. All this should be done to compliment the development of local content. Tax benefits for hardware can also promote the use of IT and Internet as a whole," Sadowsky said.

What is GIPI :
The Global Internet Policy Initiative supports adoption of the legal and policy framework for an open and democratic Internet. The project works with local stakeholders in consultative, coalition-based efforts to promote the principles of a decentralized, accessible, user-controlled, and market-driven Internet.

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