Saturday, July 3

India Inc. not so net savvy

Geeta Nair writes in her article on Express computer , that India Inc. is a poor Internet User. Most of the people have not realized the potential of the net besides having a brochure-converted-in-to-website and Emails. There is lot to be done in the space of Knowledge Management and providing information and service to the customer through web and other internet channels. Most of the times one cannot even find the contact addresses of the company's branches and profile of people managing the company. There is a lot of value-addtion to be added just by tweaking the web site and providing that "extra information" which everybody is looking for. Most of the times I find web sites as the worst examples of Usability, a compulsory intro flash animation, a nifty abous us page, services which will mimic the Wipro's & infosys's of the worlds and contact page form without any contact (email / tel no.) listed , as if they run some secrete operations
Most Indian companies seem to be content using the Internet solely for sending e-mail rather than utilising it as a value-added tool for business. They appear to be unwilling to use the Internet for information dissemination as well as a medium to do business. “The domestic industry by and large has been somewhat myopic and even ignorant about the benefits and the need to incorporate the Internet as part of its marketing and business strategy. The fundamental power of the Internet as a low-cost and highly effective tool for disseminating information is being undervalued,” states a study conducted by ValueNotes Database.

ValueNotes is a leading provider of business intelligence and research, and is one of the largest aggregators of information on Indian business and finance. It conducted the survey following global reports that pointed out the poor leveraging of the Internet by Indian companies. It covered a cross-section of 50 big and small companies.