Wednesday, September 15

Our very own local internet fraud & some safety tips

Kerala Next: Three people have been arrested in Delhi for duping people of millions of rupees by offering fraudulent Internet business opportunities and matrimonial services, police said. U.S. Bhardwaj, Hari Kishore and Akelesh Tripathi were arrested Monday by Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of Delhi Police. They have duped around 4,000 people, collecting Rs.60 million from them by creating a company, Bhasse Infotech Solution, and a fake websites :,, and

Before punching the credit card number on any site look for these things :

* Verify the contact details by querying the domain name and its registry , for example I have checked on

* Read the FAQs and Disclaimers fully; some people are not total fraud : a partial cheating or hidden surprises are also possible.

* Check the contact details in Contact Us section of the web sites. No respectable business would hide its contact details.

* Any Ecommerce (recieving payment from web site) should offer secure transaction & verification certificate from a third party : For example when you go to and click on Verisign's logo at the bottom it pop ups a certificate. Go to Indiatimes Shopping check for Verisign and EBTrust certificate.

* Online payments tips from Fraudbureau:
Notify your credit card provider or bank immediately if you suspect someone has intercepted or learned your credit card number or your password. This will limit your liability and stop any one form using your information to make unauthorized purchases or withdrawals in your name.

Always read the privacy policies or FAQs of web sites on which you will be transacting online business to determine how your personal information will be collected and used.

Never disclose any credit card or other personal information unless such information is absolutely necessary to make the purchase. If more personal information is required than is necessary to make a purchase, go to another site to transact business. For example, when purchasing online with a credit card, there is no need to disclose your address, telephone number, social security number, or e-mail address. Even if the privacy policy indicates that personal information will not be used except in relation to your purchase, fraudulent websites will not adhere to their own policies for obvious reasons.

Only do business with trustworthy companies you know .

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