Monday, October 11

Finding Jobs through Social Networking has a article - how social networking sites like LinkedIn, Friendster, Ryze , Spoke & Tribe are helping job aspirants to find right jobs through contacts on these social networking sites.

Social networking has opened a new door in the job search for the thousands of Bay Area employees who lost their jobs since the boom went bust. Members are using the sites to find out about job openings and to connect with people who could put them in touch with the right hiring director.

"It's a great way to network, to learn about the company, to gain a competitive advantage when you're up against other candidates and trying to land a job," Shakked said.

Shakked had been unemployed for about a year, working temporary jobs, when he registered at LinkedIn. First, he constructed a network, entering e-mail addresses to see whether his friends and colleagues were already members or wished to join. He then started running searches for contacts at the companies where he wanted a job, online travel sites such as Hotwire and Travelocity.

When he found the right contacts, he started the process of requesting a meeting. The request would go to a person in his network, who then had to either reject it or approve it and send it on to another link.