Thursday, October 14

Google , India & Shakta (?) Energy

Google Inc. founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin were on a hiring trip to India.Google's Bangalore center will act as a 'ideas centre'.

Researchers in Bangalore will work with their counterparts in Google's U.S. offices to conceptualize new services and develop software, they said.

This includes developing search engines that will present results based on speech input or drawings, ones that will work in more languages than at present, personalizing search results to suit individual preferences, and new features for Google's new e-mail service, they said.

However I am not able to understand Inquirers headline : Googling in India produces shakta energy
What is this shakta ?

And another thing I am not able to understand why they wanted to meet our h'ble PM and why it was called Off?. Were diverted to meet Soniaji instead or got enlightened by Laloo ji. And by the way where are the leftist comments on these foreigners.