Tuesday, December 7

Advice for startup jugglers

Courier Journal offers a story of John Dintaman, s an office coordinator, providing field support for a silo distributor in day and by night, he's a small-business owner, crunching numbers to help other small companies manage their finances.

There is a piece of advice for such jugglers by Caroline Lynch :

New business owners often keep their day jobs while starting up at home. But to juggle jobs successfully, experts say owners should handle a few situations with care:

Telling the boss. New owners should tell their employers when they get beyond the planning stages.

Telling the clients. You might want to do this if your new business is affected by your day job. But know that some will see the company as less legitimate if the owner is doing it part time.

Quitting time. It shouldn't come before the new owner has sound financial projections and knows there's enough money to support the home and the business. But, if your day job is suffering, it's time to go.

Ethics. Don't start a business that competes with your former employer and try to steal clients.