Monday, December 20

Release the CEO of eBay India (Baazee) - a travesty of cyber-law and e-commerce - Signatures

Mahesh Murthy has written an online petiition address Prime Minister of India Mr. Manmohan Singh.Please sign this petition if you believe in it and express your support :
Release the CEO of eBay India (Baazee) - a travesty of cyber-law and e-commerce - Signatures

The idea of arresting a e-commerce service provide is very stupid, infact when he has very remote involvement with it. One cannot argue in terms of legalities and in this case they have declared Avnish Bajaj as criminal first and now he has to prove his innocence.

1) If this appplied everywhere then 'A' send a porno pic / abusive SMS to 'B' via Airtel and is recieved on 'B' via Orange . Then next day you find that CEO of Airtel and CEO of Orange are in Tihar Jail.
2) In-on-paper contract justification : If there has to be ink-on-paper for everything (see petition) then railway reservation system, demat accounts, online banking, online transaction, credit card merchants and anything electronics is pure rubbish. The entire e-commerce industry in India will collapse by this.
3) When the original person who produced the movie is still not jailed cos he is a minor, what was the big deal and creating action packed arrest of suited CEO of (now ebay india) who has nowhere to run. Is he a Dawood gang member or something...???
4) There could also be a chance that, has just been acquired by and the smell of crispy green dollars is still fresh
5) In India as it is entrepreneur spirit is dim, and by this action of police people will be afraid to put their hands in internet or e-commerce business. Till now it was red-tapism, now you can get arrested just 'bcos nbobody understand your business and the laws are insufficient to handle your business domain
6) Again arrest and non-bailable arrest is little dramatic and non-justified. Is it that instead of child-girl-school-iit, the attention should divert to Bajaj who is just a kid at wrong place at the wrong time.

Its very hard in Swades.