Thursday, December 16

Ryan points to the future of VoIP Revolution

Ryan informs - where is the VoIP revolution :

Holding a cold Kilkenny beer, sitting last night discussing with a Lucent and Juniper rep the future of VoIP, it became apparent that we all are supplying appliances for carrying VoIP Software, and the future is in the software. Companies all around the world are sipping a cold beer or a cup of java in the morning discussing VoIP and it’s disruptive nature for telecommunications and benefits for the world of internet communications.

VoIP software is a wide category from codecs to actual compilations of code creating softphones or pbx technology such as the softswitch. Strategies for deploying the technology require a lot of collaboration between carriers, ISPs, and the deployment of device manufacturers and software providers. Moving towards a world of high level development code deployed in a platform neutral environment, a frenzy of ideas, patents, and business models unfold. Keeping in front of the game is not easy and it has not been won by anyone by any means. So what are we doing to create this future?. Read more...